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Issue 06

Do we focus too much on the Premier League? Guilty. The Premier League is a metaphorical comfy 10-year-old pair of socks with Tony Yeboah on the side that the missus keeps trying to throw away because they’ve got hole in. So we’re dedicating an entire issue to the football league (and below).

Issue 05

‘Can you feel it coming in the air tonight, oh Lord?’ we’re the words of Phil Collins in 1981 when he felt the long summer break coming to a close. We feel your pain Phil, but luckily we to stand on the precipice of real, competitive football. If I close my eyes I can see Jamie Redknap’s tight suits, feel the warmth of a Tony Pulis cap and hear the wistful applause of the crowd after a routine defensive hoof into row Z. It brings a tear to the eye.

Issue 04

This month we have a selection of summer-related articles suitable for any poolside Balearic time-passing. Expect transfer talk a plenty, a how-to guide for survival, new club badges and impassioned prose on one of our local East London football fixtures.

Issue 03

Like it or lump it the modern game and money are now engaged in a military-industrial style complex that is unlikely to end anytime soon. In this issue the Top Corner team will examine what exactly that entails for us fans today (Spoiler alert: it’s a mixed bag).

Issue 02

At Top Corner we’re a happy bunch so our second issue is focusing on the theme of heartbreak. We’re drilling down into the core conceit of football – the agony that must come with the ecstasy and wondering if it’s all worth it?

Issue 01

In it's inaugural outing the Top Corner team tackle the tricky topic of the Qatar World Cup, along with their usual unique take on Association Football.